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Private lessons with a native speaker

Students learn the culture better with a native and experienced teacher (all levels).

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Real life learning focused on practical conversation, become more confident and fluent.

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Use different learning strategies with the most relevant content. Teaching designed just for your needs ( grammar, listening, writing and conversation).

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Learn not only about the language but also about Spanish and Latin culture, customs and lifestyle.


  • I have been learning Spanish with Johana for more than 6 months now. She has really helped me improve my skills in all aspects of the language but most importantly speaking. Our lessons range from sitting down and working on grammar to not even opening a text book and having a conversation in Spanish for an hour, being able to do this has been invaluable for my learning. I am just entering year 12 HSC and I chose Johana not just because I wanted better marks but to actually learn the language and be able to communicate; I have come so far and would recommend her tutoring sessions to anybody who is interested in learning the language.
    Simon Giordano
  • She tailors the lessons to your needs and skill level very well She understands the importance of speaking in order to make practical use of the language instead of just doing 'fill in the blank' style worksheets She is a native speaker and has extensive knowledge of different slangs and vocabulary of Spain and throughout South and Central America Can help you with travel preparations in terms of useful phrases and vocabulary Great variety in content e.g. videos, literary extracts, conversation exercises, worksheets Would definitely recommend
    Raimond Zhai
  • During the time that Johana has been helping me with Spanish I have seen my understanding of the language and its concepts improve dramatically. The biggest improvement has been with my speaking abilities, which I believe is the most important part of any language. Johana's calm and kind demeanour make it comfortable to talk, and her insistence on speaking correctly means that my accent is significantly better. She is always happy to provide extra work and listens to what I want to cover in the lesson. I do one lesson with Johana a week to help me with my course at university and have honestly found it invaluable. Also, Johana travels to my house for lessons which is super convenient. Gracias, Johana!
    Alicia Child
  • Johanna is a great tutor! She is knowledgeable, patient, accommodating and encouraging. I have been taking one on one Spanish lessons with Johanna for just under a year. It's great to be able to learn from a native Spanish speaker and from someone who is a natural teacher. Most importantly, the classes are fun. I've learnt and laughed lots! Muchas gracias Johanna!
  • Excelente I signed up with Language Lane before a trip to Cuba last year. I can't profess to being a linguist, in fact I am completely the opposite, so I was looking for a tutor who would be able to teach me some basic Spanish to enhance my Cuban experience. My tutor, Johanna, was great. She was very patience, knowledgable and an excellent teacher. Finding Johanna who was based closed to my work, allowed me to book weekly lessons straight after work. I would highly recommend Johanna as a tutor for anyone looking to learn a new language.
  • Maravillosa maestra! Wonderful teacher! I had learnt a few words and phrases in Spanish before travelling to South America and decided I wanted to improve my understanding and ability to speak Spanish before returning. Johanna has been fabulous. She is well prepared, is able to adapt her lesson content and pace to my learning style, she's patient and committed (and we have a good laugh). In just a couple of months my vocabulary has increased enormously, I have a better understanding of sentence structure and my pronunciation (and therefore accent) has improved significantly. Johanna makes the learning experience enjoyable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  • I am very pleased to give Johana an endorsement for her skills as a Spanish language tutor. I have received tutoring from Johana over a period of two years whilst completing levels 2 to 5 as an adult student. She has a passion for teaching and a delightful, happy manner and an intelligent approach to teaching. She has always given me the clarifications I sought and also very useful practice examples. Many times Johana would prepare for a tutor session in advance if she knew what I wanted to practice.
    Darren Lawyer
  • Johanna is an amazing tutor. I was looking for tutor because I was moving overseas to South America. I was so happy I chose Johanna, as we spoke first about why I wanted to learn Spanish and she then tailored our lessons around my needs. In the three months I had lessons with Johanna, I gained so much confidence in my ability to understand and speak Spanish. Johanna is very patient, kind and knowledge. She is the perfect teacher for anyone who is looking to learn Spanish. I only wish that I approached her a few months earlier, as I know I would have a greater grasp of Spanish before heading overseas. ¡Muchas gracias, Johanna!
    Frank Profesion: Graphic Designer
  • I received 1.5hr Spanish lessons, twice a week, for 6 months, at my home with Johanna. She is a friendly and engaging teacher that was always punctual, reliable and well prepared for each class. Johanna demonstrated significant teaching skill and flexibility by easily adapting her content and methods to suit my learning needs and pace. She used a variety of methods of teaching to keep the lessons enjoyable so that I found learning Spanish challenging but not difficult, therefore my Spanish improved significantly in a short period of time. Finally I found that her classes were great value for money. I can't recommend her more highly to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!
    Charlotte Profesion: Doctor
  • I have had a few tutors over a span of two years, Johana is the best I have had. I need instruction tailored to my needs. I cannot attend school due work commitments so a highly flexible , reliable ,cost effective alternative is private tutoring with Johana. She is reliable, punctual, knowledgeable and able to target your needs, thinking sometimes outside the square with challenging exercises. She can analyse your needs and push you out of your comfort zone to accelerate progress if that is what you like but at the same time respond to your requests so you can set your own pace..... it's all about your needs. I truly feel I have leaped ahead through her wise instruction, patience and encouragement. Cinco sobre cinco para esta profesora!
    Keith Marriott Profesion: Pilot